5 Ways To Winterize Your Car

5 Ways To Winterize Your Car

As colder weather takes hold and winter in Colorado Springs rolls in, the weather can take a toll on the appearance of your vehicle. Between that, and the lasting affects of hail damage, your car could be in need of some TLC. We’re here to offer some ideas and things to consider for preserving and improving the appearance of your car as a matter of personal pride—or boosting the resale value. Plus, we’d like to offer a little list of winterizing must-do’s to help ensure the safety and overall maintenance of your car.

  • Paint Job
  • Hail Repair
  • Repair Body Damage
  • Auto Restoration
  • General Repair/Maintenance

Custom Paint Job

New paint can dramatically improve the appearance of your car. Auto paint can become dulled and lackluster in appearance over time, meaning your car can look worse than it is. A polished appearance can be a matter of pride—or a matter of money. Whether you are looking to re-sell your car in the near future, or simply want a new look to treat yourself, our team can handle your custom auto paint with top-notch service and customer care.

A paint job can fix a number of minor issues, such as minor dings and scratches, while improving the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Hail Repair

We get it. It is expensive, and hail is so common in Colorado Springs, it’s easy to say, “why bother,” when you’re just waiting for the next hailstorm to hit. However, being on top of hail repair can save your paint job and prevent rusting and corrosion around damaged areas. It will improve the appearance and integrity of your car.

Colorado Springs is notorious for hail damage, meaning a lot of places get swamped with customers, making you wait to get the repairs you need. We make you a priority and strive to serve you with quality in a timely manner. And, if you’re military, we want to offer you a special gift to thank you for your service to our country, as well.

Call us at (719) 445-7656 or visit our services web pages to see what service-repair you may need.

Hail repair is particularly important before the grimy, gritty elements of winter and winter roads attack your car. To avoid small problems growing into bigger problems, consider repairing the hail damage as soon as possible.

Body Damage Repair

Minor dents or bumper damage from an accident can look terrible, but sometimes it becomes too much a hassle to seek quality auto repair for your vehicle. Check out our page to find out how we handle insurance claims and the deductible, so you can get quality auto body repair and dent repairs without breaking the bank and avoid getting lost in the red tape of insurance.

It’s a good idea to repair dents and body damage before the colder season and holidays hit. Getting these repairs taken care of now can hopefully help you enjoy the holidays with family and friends more, and ensure you’re safely navigating the winter roads without auto damage taking a toll on the safety and performance of your vehicle.

Auto Restoration

Maybe you have an inherited auto restoration project, or an ongoing auto restoration project that sometimes needs a little outsourcing. Or maybe you’ve had a project in mind for a while and you’re finally ready to begin. Outsourcing your auto restoration can help streamline the process, allowing you to breathe easier as you achieve your classic car goals.

Restoration can be a lengthy undertaking for the weekend hobbyist, so perhaps finding a qualified team of experts to handle part, or all, of your project is the perfect way to check off some goals and to-dos on your crazy-busy list this winter season.

General Repair & Winter Maintenance

Making sure your car is in full working order is of utmost importance before the winter season hits. So, once you have all the big stuff dealt with—dent repair, hail damage repair, body damage repair—handle the little things for winter preparation. Here’s a quick list to keep you on track as you winterize your car:

  1. Check Tire Pressure—colder air means a drop in air pressure!
  2. Check the anti-freeze mixture (it should be about 50:50 water to anti-freeze)
  3. Test your battery
  4. Change wiper blades and refill wiper fluid
  5. Change the oil and adjust the viscosity (in colder weather, thicker oil won’t
    run as smoothly as thinner oil)
  6. Stock your car with emergency supplies (because you never know when you might be stranded and need some blankets, extra coats, a flashlight, and other important emergency items).
  7. Check your car’s belts and hoses.

Hopefully your winter season is a happy one, and car trouble won’t be on your list of holiday woes. Car maintenance and repair can seem like a task of drudgery when so much else needs to be done—but taking care of the problems before they multiply is as important as taking care of your home, and helps ensure the safety of you and your loved ones traveling this winter. As the colder season sets in, it’s a good idea to handle the preventative maintenance and resolve body damage and hail damage issues before the holidays hit and the New Year rolls in. And once these problems are resolved, and your car is properly winterized, you’ll have the added bonus of being a little less stressed.

Make a list and check it twice—to be sure you’ve covered your auto repair needs and properly winterized your vehicles for a safer season of holiday and winter travel.