Japanese Restaurants in Roslyn, New York - Discover the Best Dining Experience

Jan 27, 2024

If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine and find yourself in the beautiful town of Roslyn, New York, you're in for a treat! Roslyn is home to a vibrant and diverse culinary scene, with a wide array of Japanese restaurants that cater to all taste buds. Whether you're a sushi lover, ramen enthusiast, or simply want to experience the artistry of traditional Japanese food, this guide will help you navigate your way to the best dining spots in Roslyn.

1. Sushi Emporium

Located in the heart of downtown Roslyn, Sushi Emporium is a top-rated Japanese restaurant that offers an unforgettable dining experience. With a focus on using the freshest ingredients and expert sushi chefs, Sushi Emporium has gained a reputation for its mouthwatering sushi rolls.

One of the must-try dishes at Sushi Emporium is their Spicy Tuna Roll, which perfectly balances flavors and textures. Every bite is an explosion of taste, with the freshness of the tuna complemented by the kick of spice. Another standout dish is their Dragon Roll, a visually stunning creation that combines eel, avocado, and cucumber.

With its modern and elegant ambiance, Sushi Emporium offers the perfect setting for a date night or a special celebration. Friendly and attentive staff will guide you through the menu, ensuring you have an exceptional dining experience from start to finish.

2. Ramen House

Craving a comforting bowl of ramen? Look no further than Roslyn's trusted Ramen House. As soon as you step inside, you'll be enveloped by the aroma of simmering broths and the lively atmosphere of a bustling ramen joint.

At Ramen House, the star of the show is their Tonkotsu Ramen. Slow-cooked for hours to extract rich flavors, the milky tonkotsu broth is a perfect base for the tender chashu pork, springy noodles, and a variety of toppings. Vegetarian options like the Miso Ramen are also available, providing something for everyone.

Don't forget to complement your ramen with some Gyoza or Edamame. These appetizers add additional layers of flavor and are the perfect way to start your meal.

3. Izakaya Shiki

If you're looking for an authentic Japanese izakaya experience, Izakaya Shiki is the place to be. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, combined with a wide selection of small plates and sake, creates a truly enjoyable dining experience.

Start your culinary adventure with some Takoyaki, perfectly fried octopus balls served with a drizzle of tangy sauce. For seafood lovers, the Sashimi Platter offers a variety of raw fish delicately arranged, highlighting the natural flavors of the ocean.

When it comes to main courses, Izakaya Shiki doesn't disappoint. Their Yakitori, skewered and grilled meats, are juicy, tender, and bursting with savory flavors. Pair it with some Shochu, a traditional Japanese spirit, for the ultimate izakaya experience.

4. Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi

For a unique and interactive dining experience, head over to Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi. This hibachi-style restaurant combines theatrical entertainment with deliciously prepared dishes right at your table.

Watch as skilled teppanyaki chefs showcase their knife skills and create mouthwatering dishes before your eyes. From perfectly cooked Filet Mignon to succulent Lobster Tail, every bite at Sakura Teppanyaki is a delight to the senses.

If sushi is what you're craving, fear not. Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi also offers a wide selection of fresh sushi rolls and sashimi. The Volcano Roll, with its combination of spicy tuna, tempura flakes, and creamy sauces, is a favorite among many.

5. Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Step into Yuzu Japanese Restaurant and prepare to be transported to Japan through their authentic flavors and traditional décor. This cozy establishment prides itself on its attention to detail and commitment to delivering an outstanding dining experience.

Indulge in their Omakase experience, where the chef crafts a personalized tasting menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients. This culinary journey will take your taste buds on an exquisite adventure, with each course thoughtfully crafted to highlight the flavors and textures of Japanese cuisine.

For those who prefer à la carte options, Yuzu offers an extensive menu with a variety of sushi, sashimi, and hot dishes. Don't miss their Uni (Sea Urchin) Sushi, a delicacy cherished by sushi enthusiasts around the world.


Roslyn, New York, offers a plethora of options for Japanese food lovers. Whether you're in the mood for sushi, ramen, izakaya fare, teppanyaki, or an authentic omakase experience, the Japanese restaurants in Roslyn have got you covered.

With their dedication to using high-quality ingredients, expert craftsmanship, and warm hospitality, these establishments are sure to provide a memorable dining experience. So, the next time you find yourself in Roslyn, embark on a culinary adventure and savor the flavors of Japan at the finest Japanese restaurants in town.

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