How to Protect your Car from Hail without a Garage

Jul 4, 2019
Auto Maintenance Tips


As a car owner, protecting your investment is important, especially when it comes to unpredictable weather conditions like hailstorms. While having a garage to protect your vehicle is ideal, it's not always an option for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, BK Autosports will share expert tips on how to protect your car from hail without a garage, allowing you to safeguard your vehicle in any situation.

1. Monitor Weather Conditions

The first step in protecting your car from hail is to stay informed about the weather. Pay attention to weather forecasts and download a reliable weather app that provides real-time updates. By knowing when a hailstorm is likely to occur, you can take necessary precautions to protect your vehicle.

2. Find Covered Parking

If you don't have a garage, finding covered parking is crucial during hailstorms. Look for alternative options like parking garages, carports, or even large awnings that can shield your car from hail. Planning ahead and knowing these locations in your area will save you time and potential damage to your vehicle.

3. Use Protective Covers

Investing in a high-quality car cover designed to protect against hail can be a wise decision. Look for covers made from durable materials and ensure they fit your vehicle properly. When a hailstorm is approaching, quickly cover your car to minimize potential damage.

4. Utilize Protective Mats

Protective mats can serve as an additional layer of defense against hail. Place them strategically on your car's roof, hood, and trunk to absorb the impact and reduce the risk of dents. Ensure the mats properly fit your vehicle and secure them with straps to prevent them from blowing away during strong winds.

5. Seek Out Underground Parking

If you live in an area prone to hailstorms, consider seeking out underground parking options. Many urban areas have underground parking facilities that can shield your car from the elements, including hail. While it may involve an extra cost, the added protection is worth it.

6. Stay Informed with Hail Alerts

Some regions have hail alert systems in place that notify residents when a storm is approaching. Sign up for these alerts so you can take immediate action to move your car to a safe location if you don't have access to covered parking. Staying informed gives you a better chance of protecting your vehicle.

7. Use Thick Blankets or Cushions

If you find yourself caught in a hailstorm without other protective options, use thick blankets or cushions as a temporary shield for your vehicle. Cover the exposed surfaces and secure them tightly to prevent them from flying away. While not as effective as purpose-made covers, they can still offer protection during emergency situations.

8. Consider Auto Hail Repair Services

In unfortunate cases where your car sustains hail damage, it's important to act promptly. Look for reputable auto hail repair services that specialize in restoring vehicles affected by hailstorms. These professionals can assess the damage and provide effective repairs, allowing your car to regain its pre-hail condition.


Protecting your car from hail without a garage is possible with the right strategies and knowledge. By staying informed, finding covered parking, utilizing protective covers and mats, and being prepared, you can minimize the risk of hail damage to your vehicle. In case of damage, consult trusted auto hail repair services to restore your car to its former glory. Don't let hailstorms dictate the condition of your car; take control and safeguard your investment today!

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