Hail Dent Repair



BK Autosports understands the unique challenge that Colorado Springs faces with frequent hail storms and resulting degrees of auto hail damage. We are a locally owned and operated auto-body repair shop with 20+ years of experience. if you are faced with hail damage and are needing auto hail repair, our team expertly handles extreme hail damage car repair and hail dent removal for your car. If a hailstorm leaves you devastated, let us restore your hail-damaged car to pre-damage condition. Our professional and experienced team is capable of handling your hail damaged vehicle, and you can rest assured that your hail damage repair job will be handled efficiently, with our customer service team taking care of your auto hail repair every step of the way.

BK Autosports knows Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas can be hit particularly hard by hail, so we offer you a variety hail repair services and options such as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) to repair hail damage. Our professional dent removal services and hail damage repair helps you regain the car’s structural integrity and restore the aesthetic appearance.

Don’t let the process of auto insurance claim filing intimidate you; we help submit your insurance claim and cover your deductible—hail catastrophe doesn’t need to set you back from seeking professional hail repair or paintless dent repair. For more information about how we help you navigate insurance, check out our page here. If your hail damaged roof or overall extreme hail damage to the body of your vehicle needs attention, give us a call to discuss hail damage repair costs and get the process of top-notch service started for you.

The hailstorms of Colorado Springs are a significant and unique aspect of living in our area; this is why we understand that, when a hailstorm hits, damage can be nearly unavoidable. With that in mind, we have developed an approach to auto body repair, Paintless Dent Repair, and general hail repair with the customer in mind. We understand the hassle and the frustration that goes along with such an unavoidable catastrophe where no one is to blame. This is why we help you handle the insurance and keep you updated with our top-notch customer service team; we believe our customers deserve help in navigating these catastrophic events, and deserve to know how their car will be repaired and restored along every step of the way.

Our team is highly trained and have years of experience in dealing with hail damage and auto repair. We guarantee satisfaction with our hail repair expertise, and stand behind our work. We also take pride in knowing that our hail repair job will help maintain your vehicle’s value, meaning we help you retain value and pride in your car. Hail damage, dents, and dings can decrease the value of your car, but Paintless Dent Repair can restore the appearance of your vehicle to original factory condition without damaging the original factory paint.

We look forward to serving your auto body dent and repair needs, and if you find you’ve been hit by hail, our team will help you handle it; from insurance claim and customer service care, to our expertly trained and certified team with experience, we look forward to being the hail damage repair team you can trust.

Get a free estimate! All work comes with a written Life time warranty guarantee.

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