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BK Autosports offers top-notch automotive restoration services, specializing in classic car repair and restoration.  We pride ourselves on our 20+ years of experience and look forward to providing you with excellent service and above and beyond customer care in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. We take pride in knowing that our knowledge and expertise surpass the day-to-day demands of dent repair or basic auto detailing; we offer customizable, professional, knowledgeable services that specialize in the art of automotive restoration and custom auto paint. We understand that classic car repair is more than a hobby for some—it is an unprecedented passion. The professional and experienced team at BK Autosports in Colorado Springs is enthusiastically ready to help you achieve the car restoration project of your dreams. Classic car restoration is an area of niche demand, and we take pride in serving Colorado Springs with our finest craftsmanship.

We boast a capable team that can expertly handle auto body repair and restoration, custom paint, and classic car restoration, with a hands-on approach that keeps you informed every step of the way. BK Autosports is proud to use only high-end materials straight from dealerships and PPG, and boasts a competent team with decades of experience. Our third generation, locally owned auto body repair shop is passionate about serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, proudly offering a top-notch experience and guaranteeing excellent results in any auto restoration or classic car restoration project you may be wanting to tackle.

BK Autosports will help you achieve the auto restoration you seek; from handling any level of damage and dent repair, addressing your bumper repair needs and rust repair, to restoring a classic car to its best potential, our Colorado Spring auto body shop offers the automotive restoration solution you’ll be happy to have. Classic car restoration can be a challenging hobby and all-consuming passion; we are proud to serve as a team of capable experts to help bring your classic car dream to reality. The entire process can be really daunting, and the process can be time-consuming; this is why we make every effort to keep you informed about the process and update our clients with photos and frequent updates.

When beginning your restoration project, our knowledgeable team will go over the details and outline the process for you, ensuring you are informed and up-to-date throughout the entire process. We want to be upfront about the cost and level of dedication and time a classic car restoration can take, and pride ourselves in being the Colorado Springs classic car restoration expert you trust for a project of such dedication and passion. We back our work with a lifetime written warranty, and pride ourselves in our wide range of knowledge of expertise. We consider it an honor to become your classic car restoration expert, and your go-to place for car restoration and repairs.

Proudly serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, our knowledge and passion for auto repair and car restoration translates into the beautiful finished projects we see in our garage. We understand that auto restoration may be more than a hobby to you—and we guarantee your satisfaction, because it is our passion too.

Our customer service team is excited to help you begin the process, and we are always happy to offer a free estimate for any project you may be considering. Please contact us to discuss your ideas or ask any questions you may have about classic car restoration.

Get a free estimate! All work comes with a written Life time warranty guarantee.

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