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Taking pride in the appearance of your vehicle can become a project unto itself, and sometimes the necessary attention to detail goes beyond a wax and detail; custom car paint can be the solution to bringing your car’s shine to the next level. A custom car paint job can add more than just aesthetic appeal or a mark of personalization to your vehicle, though—a professional custom paint can even add monetary value to the resale price of your car or truck. An expertly done, professional car paint job can help display something of your unique style and represent your passion for your vehicle; It can also be a solution for to repair car rust and restore a diminished, fading appearance that can occur due to normal wear and tear and exposure to the elements.

As mentioned, an added benefit of professional custom auto paint is an increased resale value; the added value depends on the quality of car paint, the style, and the car paint color(s) chosen, so considering these aspects and decided what suits you can be defining factors as you contemplate a custom car paint job. When looking for a custom paint shop near you, BK Autosports is proud to offer high end custom car paint services with years of experience and professional knowledge.

The expert team at BK Autosports would be happy to discuss with you our approach to custom auto paint, your options of car paint colors, and help you evaluate the custom paint job you’re dreaming of. Our team takes pride in delivering a satisfaction guaranteed job, where your vehicle shines and shows its best potential. Custom paint can be an expression of pride and showcase your aesthetic flare, and we feel that a professional, high-end custom paint should go beyond expectations to deliver a high quality image.

Personalizing your car with custom color is a task best left to a team of experienced professionals; we understand the value and pride you place in your vehicle and its appearance, and we know that if you are searching for a shop that can deliver a high-end custom paint, you are serious about finding the best. We understand that seeking a professional car paint job can be daunting, as there are many options to choose from. Choosing custom car paint goes beyond simply choosing a color—and we know that alone can be a big decision. Additionally, we understand that there are many options available paint types available as well, with each choice providing its own unique set of properties.

Ultimately, the physical appearance of the color is most important, and the first noticeable aspect of a car—but we understand that there are many other defining factors that will contribute to your long-term satisfaction with the final and finished outcome of your auto paint job. We understand the “non-visual” factors of different paint choices, and our experienced team can help answer your questions and offer our expertise to help ensure your ultimate and lasting satisfaction.

It can also be reassuring to know that we use top-quality products and ascribe to the highest of industry standards, as our passion in car paint and restoration reflects in our knowledge and attention to detail.

As an aesthetic upgrade, custom car paint can bring a car’s appearance to the next level—but a custom paint job can also provide a solution for minor wear and tear issues such as dings and scratches. We offer other solutions for minor dents and scratch repair, but considering a custom auto paint job can certainly also be a solution for minor scratches and damage, wear and tear, and fading from the elemental exposure and age of your vehicle. Car paint fades and dulls from the constant exposure to sunlight, environmental elements, and road implementations like salt and sand. Over time, the diminished appearance of your car can also decrease the value of your car. A custom paint job can restore the outer beauty of your car and takes care of rust spots, resulting in upwards of a thousand dollars in the resale value of your car.

        A custom paint job for your car can be an answer to problems such as:

  •      fading color
  •      chips and dings/minor scratches
  •      rust spots
  •      weathered paint
  •      porous paint

Our quality customer care and sales team would be happy to discuss custom car paint options and cost; don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss ideas for your automotive paint needs in the Colorado Springs area.

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